Process Design consultancy has been provided to 4S, during the implementation project of HP Service Center in Asia Cell, the biggest GSM operatör in Iraq, at their headquarters in Souleymanieh. Help Desk, Incident Management, and Problem Management have been implemented as ITIL processes ( 2010 – 3 months)
    Irak’ın en büyük GSM operatörü olan Asia Cell’İn Süleymaniye’deki merkezinde, 4S firmasıyla birlikte HP Service Center kurulumu boyunca süreç danışmanlığı verilmiş, Help Desk, Olay Yönetimi ve Problem Yönetimi süreçleri hayata geçirilmiştir ( 2010 – 3 ay)
    In Alfa, one of the biggest GSM operators in Lebanon, a wide-range Service Catalog project has been conducted to cover all IT and Telecom services (2011 -2 months)
    In Havelsan, the software solution provider and integrator for the Turkish Armed Forces, all IT service processes have been designed for ISO 20000 certification, their implementation on IBM ITIL product Maximo has been started, and ISO 20000 certification has finally been obtained. (2013 -2014)
    In Halkbank, one of the biggest public banks in Turkey, implementation of CA-Cleanup product, to discover and clean the useless (orphan) records in the Mainframe RACF security database, which were causing a security exposure and a performance overhead (2008 – 2 months)
    Project conducted in Havelsan, one of the biggest integrators in the civil and military public sector, to obtain ISO 27001 IT Security Certification:
  • Review and re-design of all IT processes from a security standpoint
  • Definition of IT security flows and procedures
  • Design and implementation of an IT Security Department with well- defined roles, functionality and necessary related tools
  • Preparation of a medium and long range IT Security Work Plan and starting to execute it.
  • Applying for ISO 27001, and obtaining the certificate (2011 – 2012)
    In the context of a 2-year IT Management Consultancy:
  • Preparing the holding’s Security Policy, Procedures and Standards
  • Solving the security exposures by providing and implementing the right tools, in the areas below:
    • URL filtering
    • DLP (Data Leakage Protection)
    • SSL VPN
    • Identity Management (2009 – 2010)
    Installing and customizing CA’s workload automation product CA-ESP in Isbank and migrating all batch jobs in distributed systems to that new platform (2009)
    Installing and customizing IBM’s IEM (IBM Endpoint Manager) in Halkbank; and:
  • Managing the bank’s 15.000 client (PC and laptop) and 400+ server from 1 single point
  • Controlling regularly their hardware and software configuration; detecting and eliminating all anomalies
  • Software and patch distribution
  • Ensuring the integrity of the software distribution environment
  • Secure and audited remote access
  • Automating the routine operations of 400+ server in the Data Center (2014)
    By implementing and customizing HP’s Load Runner, building a mechanism to realize:
  • Performance, load, and stress tests
  • From 1 single point, for
  • All application and sytem programs
  • Before they pass into production