The efficiency and effectiveness of IT Operations is one of the main concerns of every IT Center, in the existing world of strong competition.The ITIL disciplines which support this target, are becoming more and more popular, especially in the context of compliance to international standarts. INFRASEC provides support as Project management, consultancy,and process design for the disciplines and processes below:

  • Help Desk and Problem Management
  • Systems Operations and Support
  • Change Management
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance and Capacity Management
  • IT Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Consultancy for ISO 20000 certification

The distinctive character of INFRASEC’s approach and support is this: ITIL disciplines are not receipts to be applied directly by reading them from a book; but rather solutions to be designed based on the concrete needs fo every institution. That’s why practical experience is of utmost importance for their implementation. INFRASEC, with its almost 20 years of experience in ITIL and Operation Management, is one of the unique companies with the ability to provide necessary guidance for an optimized, healthy, efficient and seamless transformation in the customer site


    Process Design consultancy has been provided to 4S, during the implementation project of HP Service Center in Asia Cell, the biggest GSM operatör in Iraq, at their headquarters in Souleymanieh. Help Desk, Incident Management, and Problem Management have been implemented as ITIL processes ( 2010 – 3 months)
    Irak’ın en büyük GSM operatörü olan Asia Cell’İn Süleymaniye’deki merkezinde, 4S firmasıyla birlikte HP Service Center kurulumu boyunca süreç danışmanlığı verilmiş, Help Desk, Olay Yönetimi ve Problem Yönetimi süreçleri hayata geçirilmiştir ( 2010 – 3 ay)
    In Alfa, one of the biggest GSM operators in Lebanon, a wide-range Service Catalog project has been conducted to cover all IT and Telecom services (2011 -2 months)
    In Havelsan, the software solution provider and integrator for the Turkish Armed Forces, all IT service processes have been designed for ISO 20000 certification, their implementation on IBM ITIL product Maximo has been started, and ISO 20000 certification has finally been obtained. (2013 -2014)