With the “service centered” approach becoming dominant these days, system management tools are no more just “problem solving tools” for the specialists, but they have rather become powerful solutions to enable the Business Side to monitor their own products, and to keep track of their technical status.

INFRASEC’s philosophy in this area can be defined as “Empowered Operations”. Empowered Operations concept aims to transfer the utilization of system management tools to a well-trained and efficient Operations Team instead of making it the daily job of system specialists which are an expensive and valuable resource. This approach adds considerable value to IT, not only by the saving it creates, but also by maximizing the utilization of these powerful and sophisticated tools.

In this context, INFRASEC provides solutions in the areas below, either as consultancy, or as product-based project management:

  • Data Center Management
  • Infrastructure Management Automation
    • Batch Job Automation
    • Console Automation
    • End Point Management (client and server automation)
  • Process improvement in IT Operations


    Installing and customizing CA’s workload automation product CA-ESP in Isbank and migrating all batch jobs in distributed systems to that new platform (2009)
    Installing and customizing IBM’s IEM (IBM Endpoint Manager) in Halkbank; and:
  • Managing the bank’s 15.000 client (PC and laptop) and 400+ server from 1 single point
  • Controlling regularly their hardware and software configuration; detecting and eliminating all anomalies
  • Software and patch distribution
  • Ensuring the integrity of the software distribution environment
  • Secure and audited remote access
  • Automating the routine operations of 400+ server in the Data Center (2014)