Protecting the business data and ensuring its availabnilty is of paramount importance. Although strong solutions are developped and big investments are made about it these days, we still have serious gaps and mistakes especially in 2 fields; and INFRASEC’s main committment and mission is about presenting solutions to fill these critical gaps:

  • Correct design and management for the process: It is a common and critical mistake to consider Disaster Recovery as “IT’s job” ; and this will inevitably lead to serious losses in time of disaster. INFRASEC is providing consultancy in building right, consistent, continously updated, and pervasive workflows (technical + business) by involving the business side in the picture and making them own the process.
  • Perfection of the technical solution: Synchronous solutions which ensure RPO=0 (no data loss) are very expensive. On the other hand, in the more affordable asynchronous solutions, data loss is unavoidable. Besides, even if some data loss is accepted beforehand, ensuring data consistency (when the application is up) is a lenghty and tedious job. With its special world-class solution, INFRASEC is ensuring both RPO= 0 and easy data consistency in minimum time, even for asynchronous solutions